List-2: List of All Eligible Candidates

Eligible candidates from the Kerala State Medical rank list of 2021 (eligibility for AYUSH courses must be confirmed from the KEAM-2021 data Sheet), published by CEE may be considered for admission if seats remain vacant after List 1 (Allotment List) are exhausted. In the case of colleges for which no candidates are there in List 1 (Allotment List), candidates satisfying the eligibility criteria specified in the guidelines for stray vacancy filling can be straight away considered for allotment.

Eligibility Criteria for participating in the Stray Vacancy filling.
  1. For each category having vacant seats at this stage, candidates included in Kerala state Medical rank list -2021 published by Commissioner for Entrance Examinations only are eligible for the stray vacancy filling phase.
  2. Candidates must be NEET(UG)-2021 qualified as per the eligibility criteria prescribed.
  3. Candidates should not be presently admitted in Medical & Medical Allied courses and not allotted a seat (irrespective of admission status) in Mop up rounds of Medical & Medical Allied courses.
  4. Candidates should have the academic eligibility as prescribed in clause 6.2 of KEAM 2021 prospectus.