The vacancies existing after the Mop-up Counselling are to be filled by the respective Institutions from 29th to 31st of July, 2020, as per the following lists furnished by the CEE in accordance with the relevant guidelines of MCI/MCC.

Vacancy After Mop-up Allotment

A candidate is eligible to attend the stray vacancy filling allotments at the respective institutions, if he/she satisfies all of the following conditions:

The probable candidates are divided in to three priority levels, as defined below:

Priority Level 1 Probable Candidates' List - 1 Allotment List as per the Options registered in the Mop-up Counselling
Priority Level 2 Probable Candidates' List - 2Candidates to be considered if vacancies exist after the first list is exhausted
Priority Level 3 If vacancies exist after the first two lists are exhausted, any candidate satisfying the eligibility conditions stated at the top of this page may be considered for admitting to the remaining stray vacancies. In the case of vacancies for which sufficient number of probable candidates are not provided in lists 1 or 2 above, because of lack of registered options from the candidates eligible to take part in the institution-level mop-up allotments, the concerned institutions can straight away consider candidates at this level of priority.

Note: Eligible candidates who are seeking admission to any of the vacancies existing after the Mop-up counselling may contact the respective colleges and present themselves at the concerned venue with all the required documents and the fee.